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Guess Woof?

Dog Jam game by Paula Penttinen

Guess Woof? plays in a very similar way as the popular game Guess Who? Optimal for two players but can be played in small teams.


1.Each player starts with a template or a board that has pictures of all the canine characters and their names. Ideally the template or a board will be held upright… for suspense. 

2. From a separate pile of cards (that includes all the same canine characters as on the template/board) each player will pick up a card of their choice.

3. The objective is to guess which character is on the opponent’s card.

4. Player may eliminate multiple candidates by asking yes or no questions.

5. Correct guess means victory

6. For small teams, each player gets one question per turn and the one who guesses right first wins.  

Install instructions

This game is just a prototype, but still playable! Print the rules and the dog characters and you're good to go :3


Fazer 292 kB
Filja 367 kB
Charlie 317 kB
Boris 387 kB
Guess Woof .pdf 25 kB

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